Stretch hood wrapping machines

Wrapping machines

The pallet of goods is put on a kind of piedestal, thanks to that the machine will be able to cover the pallet with stretch hood foil until under the pallet which makes the pallet completely hermetic from the outside world!


An electronic eye is measuring the height of the pallet. Some more sofisticated stretch hood lines are also looking at the dimensions of the pallet. The foil has been rolled of on four mechanical arms. The mechanical arms are going down until under the pallet, by doing this the stretch hood is placed nicely over the pallet and from the moment that the stretch hood foil leaves the mechanical arms the foil comes back to its original format helding the pallet together! The smaller the original stretch hood size was, the higher the tension will be on to the pallet. For some applications a maximal tension is desired (eg. stone bricks), but for other applications this has to be avoided (eg too much tension on a tetra pak milk pallet could deform the boxes). The job is done, the arms are going up again and the pallet can be taken of the stretch hood line, ready to be piled up in the warehouse and to be shipped safely all over the world!


Stretch hood - otevírání


Stretch hood - navíjení


Stretch hood - napínání


Stretch hood - krytí


Stretch hood - zabaleno