Cartons, Cases

Cartons, Cases

Cartons are used to transport of heavier materials. You can use them when moving furniture, but also for storing various documents. The advantage of cardboard boxes and cardboard products is their longlife and durability. They have a capacity of several tens of kilos.



  • the most commonly used packaging
  • suitable for small, medium and large series
  • multicolour printing
  • perfect protection for the product
  • deliveries in a flat - unfolded state
  • simple and fast composition
  • can be used as a product packaging (or group pack)
  • dimensional unification (packing plan) for stacking on EUR pallets
  • material 3MVL, 3VVL, 5VVL, or 7 VVL
  • production of perforations, ventilation openings and bearing holes


Shaped boxes can be made using shape cuts, which are transported in an unfolded state and then can be simply folded. They can also be used on different grids designed to divide and protect more products stacked in cardboard, are suitable for the smallest components but also for the transport of heavy metal products.

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