06RP - Horizontal strapping machine

Strapping machines

06RP - Horizontal strapping machine

The horizontal strapping machine allows packing to be fully automatic. This machine can perform one or more banding operations of PET or PP tape (when ordered must be specified).


Strapping head automatically sighting, tightening, welding and cutting the tape.


The strapping head is driven by a two-pole motor (0.75 kW), which operates always in one direction and supplying a constant power for operation under continuous cooling. Gears are belt driven.


The machine consists of the following main parts:

  • Strapping head
  • Tape stack
  • Frame for tape insertion
  • Strap head truck


Technical parameters

Type of tape PP nebo PET
Tape size 12x0,6 mm – 16x0,8 mm
Tape feed rate 5 m/s
Tape tightening 40-2400 N
Installed electrical power 2,2 kW
Air consumption 30l/tape by 6 Bars
Electrical connection 3x400 V, 50 Hz

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