Ecomat Easy

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Ecomat Easy

New generation of wrapping machine Ecomat from company ITW Mima Packaging systems is reliable, easy to use, safe and reduces cost of packing. Three wrapping programs - simple, crossing and with top sheet.



  • Adjustable mechanical brake
  • Variable stretch ratio
  • All types of film can be used



  • Fast and simple installation
  • Safe transportation (machine packed in a wooden crate)
  • Easy maintanance
  • Height censoring by photocell



  • Film carriage inside the tower
  • Safe, fast and easy loading of film
  • Control for door opening
  • Emergency stop


Easy to use

  • Adjustable number of top and bottom wraps
  • Adjustable carriage and turntable speed
  • Indexed stop
  • 3 wrapping programs:
    • single
    • cross
    • splash proof (with top sheet)



  • Access ramp
  • Pit foundation template
  • Load stabilizer
  • Turntable diameter 2000 mm
  • FS model


Technical specification

Capacity 15-25 pallets/h (depending on pallet dimensions)
Power requirements 220-240 V/50 Hz
Machine dimensions 2575x1650 mm
Machine height 2900 mm
Turntable diameter 1650 mm
Film carriage Variable climbing speed
Weight 430 kg
Turntable speed 2-12 ot./min
Wrapping height 2400 mm
Turntable height 80 mm
Max. pallet weight 2000 kg (1200 kg for FS option model)
Max. pallet dimensions Width = 1200 mm, Length = 1200 mm

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