Cobra III

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Cobra III

Solution from company ITW Mima Packaging systems for wrapping unstable and very heavy pallets. It has high capacity of packing. Especially suitable for logistic centres instalations (assembly to column or on the wall).



Thanks to the rotating arm technology the palletized load does not move during the stretch wrapping process. Therefore the Cobra III is ideal for wrapping loads that are unstable, very light or very heavy, odd-sized and of any shape, whatever the type of product is. The Cobra III can be mounted on a wall, to a pillar or can be equipped with an independent floor stand.



The motorized Power Pre Stretch System with stepless control of film tension guarantees optimum usage of film. Best possible reduction of film consumption optimizes packaging costs per pallet. Due to the overhead style design minimum space requirement is needed and there’s no need for an additional access ramp.



Four individual wrapping programs can be stored and therefore operation of the machine is very simple. The programs include eight functions which are adjustable to meet precisely the demands of an optimal packaging. The Cobra III wrapping machine has no metal parts touching the floor, so it’s easy to clean underneath.


Dimensions (mm)

Overall height A 3350/3750/4100
Mainframe rotation point B 1590/1740
Arm end length C 580/430
Arm length D 1510/1660
Distance under arm E 2250/2650/3000
Floor clearance F 45
Floor stand FS 500
Pallet height PH 2150/2550/2900
Wrapping area (diameter) WD 2000/2300
Rotation area (diameter) RD 3150/3450


Technical specifications

Capacity up to 35 pallets/h
Rotation speed 12 ot./min
Power requirements 230 V/50 Hz
Weight 500 kg
Film width 500 mm
Max. film reel diameter 260 mm
Control PLC/bus CAN



  • Supplementary parts pack for wrapping area 2300 mm
  • Supplementary parts pack for pallet heights 2550/2900 mm
  • Floor stand

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