Octopus Junior

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Octopus Junior

Simple Octopus machine from company ITW Mima Packaging systems for automatic wrapping.

Octopus Junior reliability and operations build on 20 years of experience and continuous product development with this ring-type wrapping machine.

Octopus Junior wraps product pallets in the best possible and most economical way using for example single, double or band wrapping. It wraps different sizes and types of pallets without the need to change wrapping parameters (e.g. Chep, Euro, 1/2 and 1/4 pallets) – different pallet types can be fed into the machine in mixed order.

The Octopus Junior film carriage is equipped with a power pre-stretch device. Wrapping tension up against the product remains as set whatever the size or shape of the load. Separate starting, wrapping and finishing tensions in the wrapping process mean trouble-free production. Octopus Junior is equipped with an automatic sealing and cutting device.

The machine works as an independent wrapping station or integrates easily into an automatic wrapping line. The user can select wrapping programs with an external signal. Details such as wrapping method, quantity for top and bottom layers and overlapping can be defined in the wrapping program.


Technical specification

Capacity up to 50 pallets/h - depending on pallet height, wrapping program and conveyor speed
Max. pallet height 2400 mm (on 500 mm high conveyor)
Max. pallet diagonal 1800 mm
Transport dimensions 3900x2500x2860 mm (LxWxH)
Wight 1500 kg
Stretch film width 500 mm
Max. reel diameter 300 mm
Max. core diameter 76 mm
Film thickness 17-30 µm
Power requirements 3x380 V/50 Hz, 3x400 V/50 Hz, 3x415 V/50 Hz
Max. input power 5,0 kW
Control voltage 24 V
Compressed air 0,6 MPa, 9 l/cycle
Noise level <74 dB


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