Stretch film wrapping machines Haloila


The most powerfull line of Octopus machines from company ITW Mima Packaging systems with steel frame for the most demanding applications of automatic pallet packed products wrapping. It's intended for lines with capacity up to 135 pallets/h.



consistently a strong weatherproof wrap for a wide range of loads balanced wrapping frame is supported on polyurethane rollers for silent and smooth operation high wrapping speed offering high capacity positive film tail heat sealing Octopus machines can be combined with existing conveyor system

Octopus steel version is a fully automatic wrapping machine incorporationg the latest technology and the famous Octopus ring type method. The wrapping film reel is suspended from a ring and it revolves around the pallet. The ring is raised and lowered according to the wrapping program. The pallet ramains stationary, which makes the wrapping of unstable and „lightweight“ products considerably easier. There are no centrifugal forces to cause stress or strain on the load or on the equipment. As the ring can be accurately positioned in the vertical direction, wrapping can be started and finished at any height required. The Octopus wraps down to 70 mm of the floor or top of the conveyor to ensure that the finished package is tight, strong and secure.

Due to the flexible frame construction, the Octopus is suitable for various pallet and conveyor heights. This adaptable frame together with optional equipment available, including pallet handling systems, makes every Octopus an efficient machine able to meet demanding customer requirements.

It can accommodate a wide range of pallet load sizes and produces a heat seal finish (with no tail) of highest quality. The Octopus is silent in operation and easily maintained. This versatile machine meets all safety regulations and it is reliable and safe in operation.



  • Load stabilizer
  • Top sheet dispenser with powered reel lift
  • Double top sheet for optimising top film usage and to be used as automatic reel change
  • Speed up kit for higher capacities
  • Reel Change Device (RCS) - time and labour saving system, which automatically changes the reels of stretchwrapping films without manual intervention
  • Corner Post Device (CPD) - cost saving system that automatically inserts 4 solid corner posts at the pallet corners
  • Logo Wrap system - inserts printed stretch film to a pallet load during the normal wrapping cycle


Octopus models

  • S - Basic model
  • SF - Model for higher throughput
  • STS - Basic model with top sheet device
  • SFTS - Model for higher throughput with top sheet device


Max. pallet diagonal

  • Octopus 1800 S/SF/STS/SFTS 1800 mm
  • Octopus 2300 S/SF/STS/SFTS 2300 mm
  • Octopus 2800 S/SF/STS/SFTS 2800 mm


Technical specification

Capacity up to 40-130 pallets/h - depending on pallet height, machine size and type, wrapping program and conveyor speed
Max. pallet height 4000 mm (conveyor height + pallet load height)
Film width 500 mm
Max. reel diameter 300 mm
Max. core diameter 76 mm
Max. core length 515 mm
Stretch film thickness 17-30 µm
Top sheet film max. width 1800 mm, 2300 mm, 2800 mm
Max. input power 5,0 kW
Power requirements 3x380 V/50 Hz, 3x400 V/50 Hz, 3x415 V/50 Hz
Control voltage 24 V
Compressed air 0,6 MPa, max. 9 l/cycle
Noise level


Transport dimensions

Octopus 1800 3900x2500x2620 mm (LxWxH)
Octopus 1800 - weight 2650 kg
Octopus 2300 4400x3000x2620 mm (LxWxH)
Octopus 2300 - weight 3300 kg
Octopus 2800 4900x3500x2620 mm (LxWxH)
Octopus 2800 - weight 4000 kg

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