Octopus Logowrap

Stretch film wrapping machines Haloila

Octopus Logowrap

Logo inserting system to inner layers of stretch film for Octopus machines.



A new system for inserting printed stretch film to a pallet load during the normal wrapping cycle. The system includes an additional film carriage for printed film. It can easily be installed also for existing machines. The printed film will be applied under the standard stretch film during the normal wrapping cycle and that's why there will be no hanging tails and the wrapping result is perfect.


Ideal solution

for construction industry wrapping for instance tiles, glazed tiles, plates and other products that are not in packed into carton boxes such as film or paper reels etc.



With the printed film there will be an extra advertising space on the pallet - ideal for a product or company logo, contact information or instructions for storage and transportation. In some cases the printed carton boxes as well as printed top film or labels are not needed at all and there will be savings in both material and labour costs.


Printed film

  • normal stretch film
  • Width 500 mm
  • Thickness > 20 µm

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