Octopus CPD

Stretch film wrapping machines Haloila

Octopus CPD

Automatic system for inserting solid corner posts for Octopus machines.



A new cost-saving system that automatically inserts 4 solid corner posts at the pallet corners. The system comprises four corner post magazines and four gripping/transfer units. Each unit uses photocells to detect the pallet corner and each post is positioned accordingly. Octopus ties the corner posts to the pallet load.


Ideal solution

for wrapping e.g.

  • milk or juice cartons packed without corrugated boxes
  • other packed consumer goods (e.g. confectionery products)
  • fine paper sheets
  • display pallets (caseless packaging) etc.



of using Octopus with the new automatic Corner Post Device

  • less film needed - film savings up to 50%
  • increased pallet stacking feature
  • enables caseless packaging i.e. using trays instead of corrugated cases
  • makes it possible to use thinner cartons and displays
  • greater pallet stability + safer transportation + fewer complaints = less damaged goods
  • labour cost savings
  • less packaging waste



also the new MimaLite® film carriage that allows the wrapping of each pallet with the same consistency in terms of cost and quality with reduced maintenance costs due to operation simplicity.


Corner post material

Automatic Corner Post Device works with straight L-shaped posts, sizes:

Thickness 3-10 mm
L-dimension 60x60 mm-100x100 mm
Length 1200-2000 mm

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