FS-A Comfort Plus

Satol stretch film wrapping machines

FS-A Comfort Plus

Semiautomatic single program machine for medium capacity operation (up to 20 pallets/h). Control system of this machine allow you to store 10 different programs. Adjustable parameters are number of top and bottom wraps, cycle type (simple, double, turntable), pause for top sheet, load stabilizer (if installed), time of slow down, steps for strap packing, overlap of top edge a tension of film. Stop for top sheet insertion is made automatically by machine program. Text display shows machine status.


Standard equipment

  • motorized power pre-stretch up to 350 %
  • turntable diameter 1500 mm
  • max. pallet weight 2000 kg
  • indexed stop
  • pallet height detected by photocell
  • soft start/stop
  • direct turntable speed regulation
  • direct tension control
  • pallet height up to 2300 mm
  • load stabilizer as an option
  • automatic stop for top sheet
  • 24 months warranty in standard



  • access ramp
  • pit foundation template
  • top sheet rack
  • other turntable diameter
  • other pallet height
  • other max. pallet weight

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