The semi-automatic rotary table equipped thermoshrinking oven model FT 20 is a machine which uses a single workstation to package products through thermoshrinking. The pack must be positioned on the rotary platform with the use of appropriate means and it can be easily centered thanks to the guides thereon.

The machine thermoshrinks the film around the product which turns by means of a gas fed hot air generator. All automatic and manual use and maintenance functions are controlled by a PLC.

The burner is on board a carriage which slides along an extruded aluminum support column and is moved vertically by an inverter controlled motor reducer.


It is possible to set three different times to optimize thermoshrinking:

  • Heating of the foot of the pack
  • Cooling of the foot of the pack
  • Heating of the upper part of the pack

Rotation always stops in the same place - thanks to a proximity switch - thus facilitating pack loading

and unloading operations.



After having set the product to be processed down on the platform, it is necessary to press the “start cycle” button in order for the machine to begin the thermoshrinking cycle. The hot air generator turns on and the platform begins to turn. A flame control system with safety solenoid valves guarantees a perfect combustion and avoids dispersion of unburnt gas in the environment. The generator moves up to the top of the pack (a photocell automatically detects its presence) where it stops for a few seconds to complete thermoshrinking of the upper part of the hood. The cycle ends when the generator turns off and the platform stops turning. At this point the packaged product is ready to be taken off the platform.




Painted bent plate structure which supports all the machine parts, the accident prevention protections, and the electricity connecting boxes for the connection to the control panel.

Platform’s load capacity max. 2000 Kg

Platform’s diameter 1500 mm. for pallets 1200x800 mm

Standard pack height max. 1700 mm


Thermoshrinking device

It moves vertically and is driven by a PLC controlled motor supported by sturdy chains. It carries the hot air burners, the gas distribution and regulation, and the electric parts which control gas lighting and flame control.


Hot air generator

It has been designed to work with methane, butane or propane gas at a supply pressure of 200 mbar (2000 mm of water column), with ¾” pipes. It is made of galvanized plate except for the parts coming in contact with the flame which are made of stainless steel resistant to high temperatures. The burner is equipped with a fan for the combustive air, the safety air pressure switch, the gas solenoid valve, the high voltage transformer, the ignition plug, the flame sensor and the gas flow pressure regulation system. The machine is also equipped with a safety gas ramp in compliance with EC regulations, inlet filter, main pressure reducer, minimum gas pressure manostat, and the flexible gas distribution pipe.



Contains all the machine’s power and control equipment as well as the button panel. The metal parts are painted plate, with modular panels which can be taken down and doors which can be opened frontward.


Frame for pallet support included.


Technical characteristics

Maximum installed power: 1,2 kW

Energy consumption: Methane gas: 0,055 Nm3 every 60 seconds of ignition

Gas connection to be done by the customer

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