The AT53 type automatic hooding machine is a combined machine which uses a single work station for the hooding and heat-shrink wrapping of the product. The machine makes use of a tubular reel of heat-shrink film, the reel being complete with side bellows. The film is shrink wrapped on the product by means of a gas powered ring oven: all operations are controlled by a PC which controls the manual and automatic functions.


The presence of an operator is only needed to change the film reel. In certain cases supervision is recommended to oversee the correct entry of the product to be hooded into the machine.



Base dimensions of the unit to be wrapped see lay-out
Type of film used heat shrinkable polyethylene
Film thickness 80-200 micron
Reel diameter 700 mm
Max reel weight 300 kg
Shrink wrapping time 15/20 sec.
Minimum conveyor height 550 mm
Specific burner power 7 kW every 100 mm of air front
Gas used propane or methane
Gas supply pressure from 150 to 200 mbar
Gas connection hose diameter to be calculated according to the distance from the delivery point (MIN 1-1/2")
Air supply pressure min. 6 bar
Air connection hose diameter 3/4" min.
Gas consumption per cycle 0.15 Nm3
Air consumption per cycle 500 NL
Electricity supply 400 V (+/-10%), 50 Hz, 3 kW, 3-phase+neutral
Relays 24 V cc


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